I am enormously indebted to the great Bulgarian writer and medievalist, Stefan Gechev, who suggested ths significance of this topic, and to whose memory this book is dedicated.

From the very beginning I benefited from the moral and scholarly support of the distinguished Member of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Professor Vassil Gyuzelev, and I present him all my gratitude. For help with literature and and useful suggestions I wish to thank Professor Alexander Shurbanov, University of Sofia. My particular appreciation goes to Dr. Boyka Sokolova, University of London, who gave me valuable books and translated part of this study into English.

I owe special dept of thanks to the eminent scholar Professor Anne Hudson, Oxford, who donated sources of true merit: Fasciculi Zizaniorum Magistri Johannis Wycliff cum tritico, edited by Walter Shirley. London.1858. I present my heartfelt gratitude to Professor Simeon Hadjikosev, University of Sofia, who was the originator of the academic recognition of this work.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Professor Valery Hotchkiss, whose one-month hospitality in 2001 at the Bridwell Libary, South-Methodist University, allowed me to work intensively with the creations of William Tyndale and the reformist treatises of John Milton. I cannot but appreciate the responsiveness of Dr. Anne Brenon, France, who placed at my disposal her publications on Waldensian-Cathar literature in the 17th century in England. The same gratitude I extend to Dr. Jean Duvernoy, France, actually the best scholar on Catharism. I am also grateful to Professor Thomas Butler, Harvard University, who supported my work even on Bulgarian soil, sending me a favorable opinion of my second doctoral thesis in 2000. I should also to thank Mrs. Bistra Roushkova for her translations of my texts into English and her pertinent editorial recommendations. My gratitude goes to Professor Rumiana Zlatanova, University of Heidelberg who sent me some important sources. I owe thanks to Dr. Linda Stillman for her support and felicitous suggestions. I would like to thank the art scholar and expert Ivan Valtchev, adjunct Professor at NYU, for his insight and help in shedding more light on the connections between Blake, Fuseli and the Reformation.